50% Off Admission Miami Seaquarium

50% Off Admission


Valid from: 06/01/2017 to: 09/30/2017

Go to www.miamiseaquarium.com/offers and enter promo code: GMCVB to purchase admission at a 50% discount.

Discover South Florida’s best aquarium, see world-class sea life exhibits and learn about wildlife rescue and marine animal care at the Conservation Outpost. Make a feathered friend at the new Penguin Isle exhibit and get the chance to meet them! Plus, there is no greater trill than getting in the water with our friendly dolphins and sea lions for an up close and personal experience!

Valid from: 06/01/2017 to: 09/30/2017

Company Description

Miami Seaquarium

This world-class marine-life entertainment park features eight marine animal shows and presentations. It is home to Lolita, the Killer Whale and TV superstar Flipper. Guests will discover the grace of bottle nose dolphins, and laugh with the adventures of Salty the Sea Lion. Other exhibits include Crocodiles, Salty's Pirate Playground, stingray touch pool, and friendly Manatees. Visitors can get up-close to these friendly mammals through dolphin interaction programs at Dolphin Harbor or walk underwater among tropical fish during a Sea Trek Reef Encounter. Open 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Adults $44.99, children (3-9) $34.99. *Additional fees and restrictions apply to animal encounters.



Miami Seaquarium


4400 Rickenbacker Causeway
Miami, FL 33149

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