Multicultural Miami

Embrace, Engage and Rediscover Miami’s Multicultural Jewels

Travel Guide: Multicultural Miami

A mosaic of cultures manifested through art, music, food and unique experience is what any visitor will find represented throughout Miami. The “305” (one of Miami’s many nicknames) has always been a leader in diversity due its strong population from so many ethnic backgrounds to include the Caribbean and Latin America. There are a multiplicity of things to do, places to go and memories waiting to be made in multicultural Miami so don’t wait any longer to taste, touch and indulge! Click here to meet our team.

  • Multicultural Guide

    2017/2018 Multicultural Guide

    In Miami, you will find a mosaic of cultures represented through art, music, food and unique sights and communities. Miami's diverse population from many ethnic backgrounds infuses the area with a soulful, multicultural presence. Miami's rich heritage is on display for all to see and experience. View this publication online now.

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  • Historic Overtown Mural

    Culturas diversificadas

    Miami's blend of neighborhoods - some more than 100 years old - reflect Caribbean, West African and old Southern roots, with a distinctly Latin flavor. People were lured to Miami by the warmth of the sun and the promise of a better day.

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  • Little Havana's Domino Park


    Historic sites, colorful murals, monuments to heroes past and present, unique art galleries, theatres, parks and architecture all make up Miami's multicultural attractions.

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  • Dancing Women


    Festivals, Annual celebrations, parades and parties, Miami is home to a plethora of multicultural celebrations.

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  • coconut grove food


    Sample fresh seafood from Spain,tasty Cuban sandwiches accompanied by rice and beans, and delicacies from almost every country in Latin America.

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